Alabama Abuse Counseling Center, Inc Services

Court Referral School Level 1 and 2

We are State certified for Court Referral Education. These classes are available with a referral from an Alabama Court Referral Officer only.

Domestic Violence and Anger Management

Our Domestic Violence class is 28 weeks and conducted for both female and male perpetrators. This program is certified by the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Our comprehensive curriculum seeks to reduce violence between family members and others in the community by holding all perpetrators accountable for their actions, as well as, taking responsibility for their behavior and developing insight into their problems. Clients receive the necessary tool to learn how to make better choices in controlling their aggression.

Our Anger Management class is 16 weeks for both juveniles and adults. It is a proven curriculum based on the latest effective techniques of intervention. Our goal is to help individuals learn healthy alternatives to violent behavior.

Restorative Justice/Life Skills/Managing Finances

All classes are part of a interactive journaling and cognitive behavioral curriculum. It is designed to address issues of defendants who have committed non violent crimes such as; shoplifting, receiving stolen property or worthless check. Our goal is to reduce the reoccurrence of these crimes by teaching the offenders the appropriate problem solving techniques as well as managing finances better.

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